Sebastien Tellier To Enter Eurovision Contest

Sebastien Tellier To Enter Eurovision Contest
In recent months, Sebastian Tellier has put a lot of love out there: he released his stunning, one-half-of-Daft-Punk-produced album, Sexuality, scored the French film Narco, and talked about possibly scoring a lot more by contributing to an adult film (as long as it’s made by "a nice person”).

And now, in a move that makes total sense and yet no sense, the Parisian pop experimenter has announced he will be representing France in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Belgrade, Serbia, on May 24. At the annual contest, Tellier will be performing the song "Divine” from the recent Sexuality.

Via Eurovision’s website, Bruno Berberes, French head of delegation, said of Tellier: "We deeply believe in this entry and, would this choice confuse French ballads lovers, it will help with a giving the contest a new lease of life in France”

And while for us North Americans, both Eurovision and Tellier’s participation in it may not seem like a big deal, try telling that to a Swede or god forbid a Finn. The contest, which has been broadcast every year since 1956, is one of the longest-running television programs in the world and each year marks a time when EU residents gather around the set and enjoy/mock the entertainment. In Britain’s case, this usual involves saying "bloody poof” about a dozen times or so during the course of the program.

This year Tellier faces some stuff competition, primarily from the Irish Eurovision entry — a singing puppet named Dustin the Turkey.

Sebastien Tellier "Divine” (Unofficial video)

Dustin the Turkey