Sebastien Tellier "Pepito Bleu" (video)

Sebastien Tellier 'Pepito Bleu' (video)
According to the previously reported details of his new album, French electro guy Sebastien Tellier is turning in his sexed-up tunes for a more spiritual musical direction.

When listening to his forthcoming record My God is Blue, Tellier is urging music fans to "not listen to my record, listen to my message." Well, now we've got some video proof of the musician's new direction in the form of the music clip for single "Pepito Bleu."

Tellier plays the role of some kind of hero of the people, though it's a little hard to tell if it's set in outer space, Middle Earth or the imagined confines of someone's acid trip. Regardless, the video matches with both the album's and single's title, predominantly utilizing the colour blue.

My God is Blue comes out March 20 on Record Makers. Watch the video for "Pepito Bleu" below.