Sebastien Tellier "Cochon Ville" (video) (NSFW)

Sebastien Tellier 'Cochon Ville' (video) (NSFW)
Parisian electronic musician Sebastian Tellier has debuted his new NSFW video for "Cochon Ville" and when we say it's not safe for work, we mean it this time. It's fairly unsurprising considering this is the man that once wanted his album Sexuality to soundtrack a porno -- as long as it was one "made by a nice person."

Well it seems that the dream lives on and he's taken it upon himself to create a video filled with free-spirited naked people. Tellier himself appears in the vid, though he's wearing a blue robe, which constitutes more clothing than the rest of the video's cast combined.

We heard the accompanying tune a while back, but the video arrives just in time for Tellier's latest album My God Is Blue, which is out this week via Record Makers.

Watch the scandalous clip for "Cochon Ville" over here courtesy of Vice.