Sebadoh Detail Expanded Bakesale Reissue

Sebadoh Detail Expanded <i>Bakesale</i> Reissue
In addition to gearing up for a North American tour, Sebadoh are planning to reissue their 1994 album Bakesale. As previously reported, the reissue is due out later this year, and along with now getting the details of the re-release, we've got word that Sebadoh are also reissuing 1996's Harmacy.

The Bakesale reissue, which will be release in North America via Sub Pop and feature 25 bonus tracks, now has a tracklist (see below). The two-CD set includes the 15-song album, plus some B-sides, four-track demos and acoustic versions. Most of the songs are taken from singles released at the time of the original album.

Sebadoh main man Lou Barlow opened up about the band's release plans in a hand-written note posted on his website. He said that Sub Pop will put out Bakesale in North America in "late February/early March," with Harmacy "to follow in the summer."

A tweet posted last week (January 13) confirmed that Bakesale would be out on April 4 in Europe via Domino. However, a solid North American release date has yet to emerge.

When the band hit the road next month, they will be playing with drummer Bob D'Amico, who has work with Sebadoh's Jason Loewenstein in the live version of Fiery Furnaces. Go here to see the schedule, and expect East Coast dates to follow in March.

As for Barlow's other band, Dinosaur Jr., he wrote that they're on a "big fat hiatus while J [Mascis] pretends he's a peace-loving acoustic guy." Read up that acoustic project right here.

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CD 1 - original album:

1. "License to Confuse"

2. "Careful"

3. "Magnet's Coil"

4. "Not a Friend"

5. "Not Too Amused"

6. "Dreams"

7. "Skull"

8. "Got It"

9. "Shit Soup"

10. "Give Up"

11. "Rebound"

12. "Mystery Man"

13. "Temptation Tide"

14. "Drama Mine"

15. "Together or Alone"

CD 2 - extras:

1. "MOR Backlash"

2. "Not a Friend" (4-track)

3. "Foreground"

4. "40203″

5. "Mystery Man" (4-track)

6. "Drumstick Jumble"

7. "Lime Kiln"

8. "Fancy-Ass/Destitute"

9. "Perfect Way" (4-track)

10. "Give the Drummer Some"

11. "Cementville"

12. "Social Medicine"

13. "On Fire" (Acoustic)

14. "Magnet's Coil" (Acoustic)

15. "Rebound" (Acoustic)

16. "Punching Myself in the Face Repeatedly, Publicly"

17. "Sing Something/Plate of Hatred"

18. "III Screams"

19. "Monsoon"

20. "Rainbow Farm"

21. "Hank Williams"

22. "Careful" (4-track)

23. "Dramamine" (4-track)

24. "Not Too Amused" (4-track)

25. "Shit Soup" (4-track)