Sean Price "Sean Price as 'Seanwuar' Vs. Pharoahe Monch" (video)

Sean Price 'Sean Price as 'Seanwuar' Vs. Pharoahe Monch' (video)
Ever since Nardwuar blew the cranium of Pharrell Williams with his insane knowledge and penchant for giving gifts, members of the hip-hop community have been lining up to be his interview subject. Drake, Lil B, and Danny Brown have all had classics turns on the mic lately.

Now, rapper Sean Price has paid the interview tribute with a pretty damn spot-on impression. Price interviews Pharoahe Monch with all the details intact: the pauses, the breathlessness, the A.D.D., even the end-of-shot freeze. It's all classic Nardwuar, minus the wholehearted belly laughs. Watch below, and check out Sean Price's forthcoming LP, Mic Tyson, when it drops October 30.