Seaman/Various GU022

Based on a night at Melbourne's Good Shed club, the latest Global Underground release mixed by Dave Seaman is a double-CD dose of the man's turntable slickness and progressive, globally minded track selection. One of Seaman's best mixes to date, GUO2 moves around the electronic block and shakes the techno-friendly dance floor with a diverse mix of hard and progressive beats. CD one starts with the slow-moving "Soliton Wave" and rides in on a lengthy ambient intro that by the fourth track drops and kicks into the deep techno beats of Howie B's flamenco-tinged "Folk." Roller-coastering through eerie house rhythms, militaristic grooves and sexy, almost cinematic techno, the first CD is equalled, if not surpassed, by the second, which begins with FC Kahuna's fast-paced and funky "Glitter Ball." With a slightly harder edge than the first, CD two continues in an epic techno fashion that culminates in the almost operatic breakbeat of "The Roots," featuring the vocals of Lior Attar. The last few breakbeat-infused, vocal laden tracks, "Clear" and Lamb's "What A Sound," are a bit of a disappointment, flavouring the otherwise quality mix with the bitter taste of aimless techno pop; however, what has gone before more than makes up for it. (Numuzik)