Seabound Poisonous Friend

One should not be taken aback by the fact that over half of the German duo Seabound’s follow-up EP to their second album Beyond Flatline are remixes, because where many remix EP efforts feel like stagnant, contrived, record label cash-ins, and ultimately fail, this one does not. The mixes of their electro-pop European hit single "Poisonous Friend” are different enough to be enjoyable each of the four times they appear on the CD, and of the five other tracks, a couple abandon the electro-pop trappings to experiment with more sombre, noisy and even EBM/industrial elements. Frank Spinath’s lyrics and vocals are compelling and hypnotic, and deliver a much-needed warmth, along with richness and heady atmosphere to the cooler electronic tones and up-tempo beats of the songs. Crystal clear production values and a mix that treats the music and vocals with equal respect and importance, raises this collection of nine tracks (including the aforementioned four "Poisonous Friend” remixes) above many of its musical peers, including full-length albums. Clocking in at almost 49 minutes, this EP/remix disc delivers where so many others only plead and promise, leaving it a must-buy for fans and a worthwhile (and terribly pleasurable) auditory investment for more casual listeners as well. (Metropolis)