Seaborne "Hypnotise"

Seaborne 'Hypnotise'
After releasing their Lustre EP this spring electro-pop duo Seaborne relocated from Vancouver to Montreal, and they're ready to unveil their first single since the move.
Aptly enough given their new home base, "Hypnotise" marks the band's first fully Francophone offering. Vocalist and songwriter Maryse Bernard has always written in French, but says that bringing the language to a Seaborne project for the first time "feels pretty magic."
"This song is a product of our intensive musical summer in Montreal," Solomon Krause-Imlach adds. "We linked up with our friend and talented keyboardist Francis Arseneau, who added some ethereal flourishes as icing on the cake."
The track swirls together thumping bass, dreamy synths and Bernard's soft and soulful vocals, serving as an ode of appreciation for the musical artists and performances that have inspired and informed Seaborne's own craft.
"I wanted to recognize the unique infatuation experienced when seeing an artist you love perform," Bernard says. "Feeling such an entrancing connection that you're almost persuaded they see you and feel it too... while being aware that you're part of an equally hypnotized crowd."
Find yourself falling under Seaborne's own spell by giving "Hypnotise" below.