Seaborne "Night Waves"

Seaborne 'Night Waves'
The debut effort from Vancouver electronic duo Seaborne is set to wash ashore this coming summer, but until then, Exclaim! has your first look at the first single from vocalist Maryse Bernard and producer Solomon Krause-Imlach, titled "Night Waves."

Taken from the forthcoming Lustre EP, the song demonstrates the duo's favoured dark, deep production with emphasis on Bernard's airy vocals and Krause-Imlach's detailed drum programming. The two revealed that the song was written the night before Bernard had major surgery done, meaning emotions were running high.

"It's basically about loneliness and feeling out of place, and hoping there's a kindred person out there who's experiencing the same thing," Bernard told Exclaim!. "Seeking them out but also not knowing exactly who or what you're looking for, which kind of adds to the whole solitude."

Lustre is slated for release this coming summer. In the meantime, listen to "Night Waves" in the player below.