The Scutches The Scutches

The more I listen to the Scutches' self-titled record, the more I love it. They mix their punk with '60s pop rather than the typical bubblegum, resulting in smooth, chill and highly addictive light beats. They describe themselves as sounding like "summer," which is just as accurate as saying they're the love children of a threesome between Joey Ramone, Buddy Holly and Brian Wilson. Tracks like "DSA" are a little too high school pop punk and lack substance but this is remedied by the airy, fun hooks of "I Knew It" and cute covers of the Shirelles' "Will You Still Love Me" and the Beach Boys' "Cherry, Cherry Coupe." If you're looking for something intellectual and poignant, this record is going to piss you off. But if you're looking for an album to play from a boom box while blazing at a beach party, then stop your search. (Paf Disques)