Scum of the Earth Blah . . . Blah . . . Blah . . . Love Songs for the New Millennium

Former Rob Zombie guitarist Riggs apparently never really left Rob Zombie’s side, as his latest project is an obvious attempt at being a Rob Zombie release. The group is missing one key element however: Rob Zombie. That is not to say Riggs’ vocals are horrible, it is just that the music is mostly carbon copied. Listen to "Altar Girl 13” and you will understand. Still, if you’re looking for that sound, this isn’t a bad place to go. Overall, the guitars are fast and heavy, and accompany a high level of sampling and creative track mixing. The percussions are uninhibited and the songs are catchy to a degree (though just not catchy enough to make this a great release). Apparently, they put on a great live show too. Still, seeing a band struggle with an identity crisis is embarrassing. An effort to pull off a more original sound and image in future projects will only serve to further their career. (Eclipse)