Scuba fabric 90

Scuba fabric 90
The closure of London's iconic nightclub, fabric, had a profound impact on the electronic music community. Despite two decades of dedication to music, art and culture, the alleged abuse of archaic licensing laws among political authority got fabric's license revoked. Opposition in the face of Islington Council and its decision has reached international levels, spurring outrage across several continents.
The fabric mixes have become legendary in the institution's peculiar ability to pluck the finest from the culture that it celebrates. The most recent, Scuba, was a fitting choice — he was the last to perform at the club before the revocation of its license. As such, all proceeds from the mix will go towards the #saveourculture campaign, for which Paul Rose has been a massive advocate on social media.
On fabric 90, Scuba draws from lo-fi techno and heavy bass to craft a forlorn atmosphere defined by the kind of vast and consuming darkness that only exists within the depths of a rave. Gunnar Haslam, Pearson Sound and culls from Opal Tapes and Dark Entries make the cut, but Rose oscillates between accessibility and obscurity, as Surgeon and Ben Klock cameo throughout the track list alongside guests from his own label, Hotflush Recordings.
Set against the billowing fog, blinding strobes and distant sirens of 3 a.m., Scuba's fabric 90 is a versatile mix that draws heavily on the experiences now held forever captive behind the closed doors of the legendary nightclub. (Hotflush)