Scroll Swan Soliloquy of a Deehrelict

When your sound is sporadic, a level of experimentation is available to you that many other musicians are unable to touch. Such is the charm of Montreal-based the Scroll’s Swan Soliloquy of a Deehrelict. From track to track, you never know what you’re going to get. Perhaps some harsh rock, maybe some electro industrial or even some pop dance beats. The Scroll don’t just touch on a variety of musical forms, they kick the shit out of them with songs ranging from wistful, to edgy, to utterly psychotic. In concept, the album capitalises on contrast, such as overshadowing harsh concepts of sadism and brutality with beautiful vocals and melodies. Such a diabolic sense of humour carries throughout with the likes of the ironically upbeat "Gramps Kept Me in the Cellar,” the grating noise-based "My Stress in Potty Training” and the reflectively sung "How Perfectly Goddamned Delightful It All Is Too Be Sure.” Unfortunately, the erratic nature of the album is reflected in the final mixing of some tracks, proving that sometimes too much autonomy can be damaging. While this year-old, two-disc album might be one step away from perfection, one step away is still damned close. (1981)