Scribbled Out Man All Different

This Torontonian pop group takes an arty approach to composing and arranging catchy, friendly, proudly Canadian pop tunes. Though there is an element of experimentation at play here, the main focus of the Scribbled Out Man is spreading their more than a little cheesy message of love and togetherness through radio-friendly tunes that emulate the Beatles, Sloan and the Barenaked Ladies. And having fun. That said, All Different isn’t going to impress anyone who likes their music to be cool or relevant, but fans of well-produced pop and rock songs with a blatantly positive slant and a perky, cheerful bounce will appreciate this debut. All Different also notably comes hand-packaged with a pile of random, hand-picked clippings, a match, a paperclip, a button, a birthday candle and a Trivial Pursuit card to drive the point home that these guys (including Toronto mainstay Don Kerr filling out the percussion chair) are serious about being goofy. (Independent)