Arrange and Process Basic Channel Tracks

BY I. KhiderPublished Jan 1, 2006

Tresor Records has released a mix of exceptional Basic Channel tracks by Chain Reaction's Scion (Pete Kuschnereit and Rene Lowe), featuring some of the best introspective, abstract, atmospheric, thundering house and techno ever made. Though produced well over half-a-decade ago, the Basic Channel tracks (produced by Mark Ernestus and Mauritz von Oswald) are timeless, being some of the most influential dance recordings made thus far, and will likely be for some time to come. The impetus for this overdue idea was at the behest of Tresor Records, as Kuschnereit explains. "The initiative for the project started from Dimitri Hegemann (Tresor) and it has been in his mind for a long time as a personal favourite project. Hegemann had the desire to do a mixed CD with us exclusively, with material out of the Basic Channel back catalogue, particularly with the BC club tracks, which were never available on CD." Rather than limit the project to a simple DJ vinyl mix, Scion took the process several steps further, using a new software program called "Live." "It is possible to program Live in a very intuitive way of operation that's much more complex than conventional hard disc editing. Live offers precision editing and is thereby intuitive and spontaneous, similar to DJing. Since we know Gerhard Behles [of Ableton and creators of Live] from Chain Reaction, we took the CD mix idea when development of Live [progressed far enough]. The final mastering of the CD was made by Mauritz." Opening up with mystical sounding atmospheric house with whispers of dub, Arrange and Process... morphs into serious techno, ascending into thundering crescendos and, at times, digressing to a more contemplative direction, but all the while maintaining a life-affirming rhythmic pulse. Trend breakers and setters, the Basic Channel/Chain Reaction people have taken the medium of house and techno and evolved it to make timeless beautiful music.

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