Schulz What Apology

Sometimes when you have a good thing going you should hang on to it. In the case of former KMFDM member Guenter Schulz, nothing could be truer. Supplying the guitars, bass and programming for this project, it is actually Vancouver underground mainstay Jeff Borden who supplies the vocals here. It doesn’t really matter who is responsible for what however, as all aspects of this disc should be edgy, yet are instead void of originality. The tracks range from bearable to poor, offering a mix of tunes from hard rock to metal. Some funk influences shine through as well, which are the surprisingly good part of the disc, yet also contribute to the saddest crime of all — butchering Joy Division’s "Love Will Tear Us Apart.” Sure, they’ve turned it into their own beast, but at the same time, no one really needs to hear this song played with shades of disco/funk wah-wah. Seriously, you’ll want to keep this disc as far away from your collection as possible. Think high school battle of the bands and you’ll understand completely. (Sudden Death)