School for Heroes Arrivals/Departures

Florida’s School for Heroes’ latest release is a combination of the band’s older and more recently written material. Before assuming School for Heroes is beating the dead screamo horse, take a second listen. Where most bands in the genre slap together some thrashy guitars and sing/scream vocals, School for Heroes mixes up the song structures by adding delicate strings and ambient feedback in all the right places. Despite a small nu-metal-esque twinge in the lead vocals, the vocal harmonies really bring out the song’s melodies, as is the case for "Bruma.” Fans of Quicksand and Boy Sets Fire should take a listen. Surprising is the trip-hop remix "Catholic School Girls Are For Heroes (Burning the Bed Remix).” Over six minutes long and with Sneaker Pimps-ish sombre beats, the remix is a nice touch and demonstrates the band’s wide range of musical influences. Unfortunately, School for Heroes recently broke up and so goes another great hope for the emo/hardcore scene. (Tribunal)