Schlachthofbronx Schlachthofbronx

Few acts can successfully fuse Baile funk, kuduro, soca, dub-step and a handful of other styles ― the mere mention of it seems a bit intimidating ― but the boys in Munich's Schlachthofbronx have found a niche for doing just that (and in the process could easily be touted as a German Buraka Som Sistema). The hodgepodge of styles found on their self-titled debut are so completely different yet so adeptly executed it's no wonder Schlachthofbronx are being hyped by the likes of well-versed bigwigs such as the Count & Sinden and Diplo. Mariachi-style horns begin "Chupchick" and "Schorschl Take 3" but shift into popping snares and a filthy synth warp, respectively. "Spot Clean" is strikingly reminiscent of Buraka's "Yah!," while kuduro courses through the album and works alongside repetitive, straight-up German lyrics. As odd as it sounds, each over-the-top element has its place and complements that which precedes and follows, making for a complete package. (disko b)