Schema Schema

Instead of a band trying to sound like a cross between the heavy psychedelia of Hovercraft mixed with the organs and vocals of Stereolab, Schema is the actual thing. Hovercraft, a three piece out of Seattle, have been building up walls of instrumental drone and experimenting with squelch, with varying degrees of success, over the last half decade. Now, replace some of the drone with the scented vocals of French import Mary Hansen and we have a match made in the stars. The true sign of destiny fulfilment is the 11-minute "Ehcolalial," where we fall into hypnosis under a guitar freak and then, on the other side, awaken as Mary's bouquet condenses and elevation as consciousness is regained. The label 5 rue Christine is the sister to Kill Rock Stars and is responsible for the more experimental selections of their roster, experimental for all the right reasons it seems. (5RC)