Savath + Savalas Manana

Scott Herren might need to get more sleep. The Georgian behind brilliantine glitch-hop project Prefuse 73, the techno-tinged Delarosa & Asora and the Brazilian atmospherics of Savath & Savalas, has kept him busy. Releasing an album and an EP a year for the past two years, he has also toured incessantly and contributed some requisite remixes and compilation tracks. Hot on the heels of Herren and vocalist Eva Puyuello’s second Savath & Savalas release, this year’s attention grabbing Apropa’t, comes Manana. A collection of eight exclusive tracks, it drifts along at the same sleepy, airy pace that made Apropa’t a hit with fans of sad and comforting music. For the most part, Savath & Savalas lacks the vitality that Herren injects into his Prefuse 73 efforts, opting for atmosphere and elegance over complexity and enthusiasm. Manana still serves well as soothing background music for those sad and lonely times when crying isn’t an option but a necessity. But if you’re the type who can get over your problems by talking them out with your friends, Manana might just leave you feeling really, really bored. (Warp)