Savages "I Am Here" (video and sound experiments)

Savages 'I Am Here' (video and sound experiments)
UK post-punk quartet Savages are utilizing an avant-garde audio experiment to promote their Silence Yourself track "I Am Here."

The band recently filmed a video for the track in a basement for Pitchfork, but inspired by composer Alvin Lucier's "I Am Sitting in a Room" spoken word experiment, they then played the recording in the room and recorded the echo-laden results. They did this numerous times and ended up with a nearly unrecognizable, haunting soundscape.

"This process had never been tried with a song before so we had no idea what to expect," the band wrote in a statement. "We divided the process in two days: one for recording the band, one for recording the room the next day. Gemma Thompson and Johnny Hostile (who co-produced the Savages first album) sat in the basement all afternoon while the song was being played and recorded in the room 10 times in total, witnessing the slow disintegration of the song until it became really abstract, each instruments merging into the cacophony of this new orchestral autonomous ensemble."

You can check out the results of the experiment over here at Pitchfork, and watch the video of the original performance down below.