Saso I Can Do Nice

Album art can be such a sticky thing sometimes, as even an established cover artist, for example Storm Thorgerson, can do great things (Pink Floyd) or god awful things (The Scorpions). The Irish duo of Jim Lawler and Ben Rawlins (aka Saso) have enlisted fellow Dubliner and designer redman and he gets it just right with the white landscape and pink flourishes foreshadowing the ghostly quality and hushed, intricate nature of Saso’s music. From downbeat Snow Patrol-esque rock numbers like "Why Wait?” to slight, effective instrumentals "Nothing Personal” and "System Error,” a listener with an affinity for haunting, if not exactly energetically driving, songs can find their new great band. "Turn Your Back” and the title track especially are reminiscent of other melancholic British bands, with Lawler’s falsetto mixing incredibly well with the crackly drums and guitars to provide the next song to cry about your break-up too. At their poppiest, they ape fellow Irishmen Woodstar and also-ran UK band Haven, but when they get down to a more muted, dark feel, Saso can evoke like the best of them, with "Pass It By” being the standout. I Can Do Nice wrongly gives the impression that there is a streak of sarcasm running through these songs, but the instrumentation and vocals belie a seriousness that show that they can do much more that just nice. (Melted Snow)