Sasha/Various Fundacionnyc

For the last year, Sasha has been playing sets at his residencies in New York and LA, as well as shows around the world, on a revolutionary new DJing system he has been pioneering since its first conception on his last album, Involver. Favouring computer mixing over decks or CDs, "The Maven” (as he has nicknamed it) combines a state-of-the-art mixing console with Ableton software, permitting the user to sample, layer, loop, etc, as the show is going on. Fundacionnyc is a showcase mix CD of Sasha’s distinctive prog-house after a year’s conversion to "The Maven,” based on his Fundacion residency at New York’s Crobar. With incontrovertibly Sasha-stylised mixing and track composition, it is as cohesive as any of his albums. Far more electro than Involver and considerably darker in most sections, Fundacionnyc epitomises his live sets over the last 12 months and is amongst the better works of one of the world’s most popular DJs. (Global Underground)