Sarathy Korwar Day to Day

Sarathy Korwar Day to Day
Sarathy Korwar is a tabla player and drummer whose training and experience range from Indian classical traditions to jazz and avant-garde improv. He has opened for Ninja Tune labelmate Kamasi Washington and received funding, mentorship and praise from the Steve Reid Foundation and its trustees Gilles Peterson and Kieran Hebden (Four Tet), among many others.
This music bears the markings of field and home recordings by Sidi musicians, Sufi Muslims with East African heritage living in India. Sufi call-and-response, polyrhythmic hand drumming and the Malunga bow (distant relative of the Berimbau) elegantly dance with the sensitive post-bop improvisation of reeds, keys, strings and kit drums. This is best exemplified on the second track, "Bismillah," which opens spaciously but accelerates with a gentle intensity that creeps into your ears and changes your brain chemistry for the better.
"Eyes Closed" blends some of these elements with bowed cymbals and drones, while "Hail" opens with a vocal solo and a very subtle electronic bass part before Korwar's drumkit joins in, then climaxes with electro-acoustic manipulation of the vocal part.
Korwar has described the title Day to Day as being about "physical things that we do that have an effect on our mental well being," be it meditation, practicing one's instrument or listening to music. This music embodies all of that, with talent, sensitivity and maturity guiding us on a journey of deep grooves and vibrant soundscapes.
Korwar draws from centuries-old traditions and contemporary styles, with a futurist's ear for fitting together the puzzle pieces of the human experience. (Ninja Tune)