Sarah Neufeld "We've Got a Lot"

Sarah Neufeld 'We've Got a Lot'
While Sarah Neufeld just released the Never were the way she was collaborative LP with Colin Stetson, the violinist has also apparently recorded a bunch of new solo tunes. A follow-up release to her Hero Brother LP has yet to be revealed, but a song from the recent sessions called "We've Got a Lot" has just surfaced.

Bowed violin lines are paired with blown-out bass distortion and a rustled snare drum from fellow Arcade Fire collaborator Jeremy Gara, all this playing in a slightly stilted 7/4 time signature. Colin Stetson and Hans Bernhard also contribute to the track, while Neufeld adds her own haunted hushes and ooh's over the arrangement.

You can stream the new song down below, via Stereogum.

As previously reported, Neufeld is currently on the road opening up for St. Vincent, and has some solo shows and a handful of concert appearances with Stetson on the horizon.