Sander Kleinenberg/Various Essential Mix

Finally, a progressive mix that isn't as dull as paint. Lately, trance and progressive house DJs have filled their sets with long, dull songs, giving us double CDs with too few tracks. This is not the case on Dutch DJ/producer Sander Kleinenberg's latest mix CD, as he keeps things funky and deep over the entire disc. Thankfully, there are hardly any of the tracks that plague other progressive mixes with their minute-long (or more) breakdowns that fade into silence. Some of the standout tracks include Funky Green Dogs' deep and percussive "Burnin' Up," the quirky melodic trance of Redanka's "Out of the Dark" and Blackwatch and Greed's excellent vocal track "Gentle Rain." There are few duds however, but the mix proceeds at a pleasant trancy pace. I could do with some more vocals, and more changes in tempo, but other than that, it's an enjoyable mix. (Warner)