Samim Flow

Samim has an eclectic musical background being Swiss-Iranian. In his early career, he collaborated with Michal Ho and released electronic music on Jay Haze’s Textone and Tuningspork labels. After a recovery from cancer, Samim migrated to Berlin and has been putting all of his energy into making music that makes people move. Flow is Samim’s debut solo full-length and his minimal, funky style that explores the edges of techno, trance and house fits perfectly on Berlin-based label collective Get Physical. "Intro” is a minimal, funky, down-tempo, house-y track with wispy female vocals mixed in with a bit of psychedelic synth. The beat picks up on "Spring Break,” a straight-up house track with the token male singer emoting gospel-style about the dance floor. The Wighnomy Brothers had "Heater” in heavy rotation in their DJ sets this past summer, and the Klezmer-styled accordion breaks down with the Afro-tech beat. Flow gives a variety of hypnotising rhythms to work your body to. (Get Physical)