Samarkande 3 Synapses

The Quebecois duo that make up Samarkande (Eric Fillion and Sylvain Lamirande) have a complementary background that moves from classical studies (piano and saxophone) through electro acoustics with diversions into the worlds of jazz and new wave. The first and longest movement is the most propulsive, with a sci-fi flavour reminiscent at times, of the "On the Run” section of Dark Side of the Moon. Snippets of found dialogue and the occasional sprinkling of acoustic percussion enliven this mostly synthetic excursion. The second synapse is more enervated, buzzing and clicking like a locust in a bottle. Eventually thumb piano and soprano sax are loosed in their own miniature invasion. The last and shortest piece also moves slowest, like a cloud full of metal sheets that creak across each other, occasionally showering with sparks and lightning. It’s an engaging listen by artists who learned to treat sound from all angles. (Independent)