Sam Larkin "Nuclear Waste"

Sam Larkin 'Nuclear Waste'
Toronto musician Sam Larkin passed away in 2013, but his songs live on with the forthcoming release of The Secret Songs of Sam Larkin. The record doesn't arrive until later this month, but you can listen to "Nuclear Waste" right now on
Larkin served as a musical mentor to many in the community, including artists like Bob Wiseman. A founding member of Blue Rodeo and producer to Andrew Cash, Bruce McCulloch and the Lowest of the Low, Wiseman was at the helm for Larkin's final project, which will arrive on February 16 through his God Finds Cats label.
"He was a great friend to many songwriters, the unknown types who mostly who go to open stages," Wiseman tells Exclaim! "Ron Sexsmith was also one of those people (and so was I) and his encouragement and friendship went along way towards helping us continue to believe in our dreams."
On "Nuclear Waste," Larkin romanticizes the great outdoors and reflects on a past love, as he lambasts "those hydro dead-men" for poisoning nature to make a quick buck. Despite the aggressive environmental overtones, there's still an air of sweetness throughout the simple folk tune. Give it a listen below.