Sally Shapiro Readies Her New Disco Romance

Sally Shapiro Readies Her New Disco Romance
Following a two-year lull since Paper Bag Records issued the U.S. version of Sally Shapiro's Disco Romance, it appears the Swedish disco maven and her production guru Johan Agebjörn have completed work on their second full-length. Last we heard from the pair, they were taking a break from touring to make some progress on the record. Now complete, the album is titled My Guilty Pleasure.

For a taste of this Guilty Pleasure, the album track "Miracle" recently found its way into our very own Click Hear column, which observed that "Agebjörn's now trademark disco style arpeggiates underneath a storm cloud of rumbling thunder, which alongside the tense melody in the synths and Sally's warm, airy breath, providing some powerful and rather refreshing drama."

The "Miracle" single will be released on vinyl and digitally on June 16, while My Guilty Pleasure hits stores on August 25.

My Guilty Pleasure tracklisting:

1. "Swimming Through the Blue Lagoon"
2. "Looking at the Stars"
3. "Love in July"
4. "My Fantasy"
5. "Let It Show"
6. "Moonlight Dance"
7. "Save Your Love"
8. "Dying in Africa"
9. "Miracle"