Saint Etienne Announce Second Round of Album Reissues

Saint Etienne Announce Second Round of Album Reissues
As we told you in May, long-running UK dance pop trio Saint Etienne have announced that they'll be reissuing their entire catalogue in deluxe two-disc packages. Keeping to their word, they released their albums Foxbase Alpha and Continental on May 18, and now they've announced the details for the second string.

On August 31, the band will reissue their 1993 album So Tough and 2000's Sound of Water in the UK. Again, both will come packaged with a second disc and extended liner notes.

As for new material, we'll have to keep on waiting. Their most recent release was London Conversations: The Best of Saint Etienne, which was put out earlier this year.

So Tough:

Disc 1:

1. "Mario's Café"
2. "Railway Jam"
3. "Date with Spelman"
4. "Calico"
5. "Avenue"
6. "You"re In A Bad Way"
7. "Memo To Pricey"
8. "Hobart Paving"
9. "Leafhound"
10. "Clock Milk"
11. "Conchita Martinez"
12. "No Rainbows For Me"
13. "Here Comes Clown Feet"
14. "Junk The Morgue"
15. "Chicken Soup"

Disc 2:

1. "Everything Flows"
2. "Orpington Blues"
3. "Who Do You Think You Are?"
4. "Some Place Else"
5. "Duke Duvet"
6. "Paper"
7. "Johnny In The Echo Café"
8. "Archway People"
9. "California Snow Story"
10. "Join Our Club"
11. "Everlasting"
12. "Snowplough"
13. "Rainy Day Woman"
14. "Peterloo"
15. "Stranger In Paradise"
16. "I'm Too Sexy"
17. "Hobart Paving" -€“ Van Dyke Parks arrangement

Sound Of Water:

Disc 1:
1. "Late Morning"
2. "Heart Failed (In The Back Of A Taxi)"
3. "Sycamore"
4. "Don't Back Down"
5. "Just A Little Overcome"
6. "Boy Is Crying"
7. "Aspects Of Lambert"
8. "Downey CA"
9. "How We Used To Live"
10. "The Place At Dawn"

Disc 2:

1. "Roseneck"
2. "Northwestern"
3. "Red Setter"
4. "Blofeld Buildings"
5. "Bar Conscience"
6. "Shoot Out The Lights"
7. "Thank You"
8. "Chaos In The Gym"
9. "Tony Jacket"
10. "Garage For Gunther"
11. "Ivyhouse"
12. "52 Pilot"
13. "We're In The City"
14. "Artieripp"
15. "Sadie's Anniversary"
16. "Half Timbered"
17. "Empty Shop"