Saint Alvia "OKUSA" (video)

Saint Alvia 'OKUSA' (video)
Burlington, ON outfit Saint Alvia went the sentimental route with their recent "Mother's Day" single, but the band mix politics with humour in their latest video for "OKUSA," which is set to appear on their next LP, Static Psalms.

The video takes place at a beachside same-sex marriage being protested by some irate Westboro Baptist Church types. A cross-dragging, shades-sporting dude billed as "Party Jesus" catches wind of the kerfuffle and decides to intervene and spread that loving feeling by shooting some rainbows out of his fingers at the haters.

From there, the protesters indulge in some unexpected same-sex spit-swapping, while a Barack Obama impersonator congratulates the newly married couple on their union. Oh, and everyone does the limbo under the cross. It's all in good fun, but devout Christians might want to skip this one.

As for the tune, it's a bit of a dance-rock catastrophe spiked with the occasional discordant guitar chords, "I Melt With You"-issued six-string leads, an '80s hip-hop drum break, and scratchy-throated group chants. Even so, Saint Alvia will announce the details of their new LP sometime soon.