Said the Whale Are Back with the New Single "Honey Lungs"

BY Exclaim! StaffPublished Mar 19, 2021

Said the Whale are back with some new content for you. Adding to the Friday pile-on, the Canadian popsters have unloaded a new song called "Honey Lungs."

The track was made during lockdown with producer Steve Bays last year and was co-written in the studio by the band's Tyler Bancroft and Ben Worcester.

As a press release explains, the lyrics "address today's fraught political climate while placing an emphasis on empathy."

In a statement, Bancroft added: "It's about using kindness as a way to approach difficult subjects. As we're fighting for change, let's come from a place of trying to understand our fellow human beings."

Check out "Honey Lungs" below and expect a bunch more Said the Whale material to arrive shortly, including a video for their latest single.

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