Sahara Hotnights

Kiss and Tell

BY Liz WorthPublished Nov 1, 2004

The girls of Sahara Hotnights are back to prove that the Swedes are still just as hot as they were during that wonderful Swedish breakout a couple years ago. Though Sahara Hotnights was considered by some to be one of the weaker bands to emerge from the northern Euro circuit, this new release is sure to convince those hesitant listeners. Where the previous album fell flat with a lack of variety between songs, Kiss and Tell shows that Sahara Hotnights’ imagination has grown, and that the past two years has brought a substantial level of maturity to the band. The remnants of the Runaways that made this band so captivating before are immediately noticeable on the opening track "Who Do You Dance For?” but there is a crispness to the sound that was previously absent. This is an album that is hard to stop listening to once it’s playing, and should be heard again and again. This is an absolute achievement in the career of Sahara Hotnights, and the girls are showing us that the Swedish bands of 2002 are still as great as ever.

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