Sage Caswell Evil Twin

Sage Caswell Evil Twin
There isn't much written about house producer and L.A. native Sage Caswell, but the little that is available reveals his fascination with the subconscious: memories and the subjective past; ideas and associations that escape the control of logical thinking; and feelings which cannot be fully expressed with words alone.
In that spirit, Evil Twin, Sage's second album, is intended to be "a soundtrack to feeling out of control" (as he puts it), and is inspired by recent changes in his life. Ranging from ambient inclinations to house and jungle, the music is decidedly soothing, even when the rhythm ramps up in energy, as it does on "Walter Reed HD," "Park" and "Turnbull ACs."
This is because a lot of his bright and airy soundscapes are imbued with a sense of contemplation and nostalgia, evoking the comforting embrace of cherished memories, not unlike the same effect created by lo-fi house. Sage does this well with his ambient tracks, "Red Letter" and "It's Dangerous to Go Alone," but "Radius Pause" is the one that shines here, creating that same vibe while injecting it with a danceable house groove.
The album does falter on some occasions, notably with the meandering spoken-word and ambient experiment in "Way Out West," and shorter tracks like "Evil Twin" can seem a little underdeveloped. Nevertheless, Evil Twin is an enjoyable listen. (2MR)