S Puking and Crying

With songs oozing intimacy and genuine emotion, Puking and Crying is intricate in its structure, yet chaotic enough to give the feeling that S, or more accurately Jenn Ghetto, isn’t quite all there. "Falling” is the resident rock song, with its driving guitar and drum beat, but Ghetto also takes time to layer her bewitching vocals with some subtle electronics and turn it into a short indie-trance dance party. The songs come and go, never overstaying their welcome, but leaving enough of a mark for the listener to realise there is something special happening. "You Decide” utilises hushed beats and some glitch in becoming the Björk song she would make if she were broke. Aptly titled "Part II” continues the theme, but adds strings and the listener now has to be smitten with the results. While the title of the album may dismay by its unsubtle nature, it conveys the themes of the album, as the titular acts purge in their respectively different ways: violently and emotionally. S has accomplished an aural purging with this album and when it works, her emotions don’t necessarily disappear as much as transfer into your own mind, sitting there, waiting for their next victim. (Suicide Squeeze)