Ryuichi Sakamoto and Taylor Deupree Team Up for 'Disappearance'

Ryuichi Sakamoto and Taylor Deupree Team Up for 'Disappearance'
Japanese electronic music fans have already had the chance to pick up the new collaboration from visionaries Ryuichi Sakamoto and Taylor Deupree, and their collection will soon be coming to North America. Disappearance will drop on September 3 through Deupree's own 12k label.

This marks the culmination of several years' worth of collaboration between the pair, both of whom live in New York. When rehearsing for a joint show in 2012, they began recording at Sakamoto's studio, resulting in five tracks. Tokyo songwriter Ichiko Aoba appears on the final cut, "Curl to Me."

The tracks are apparently very sparse, and a press release notes, "Sakamoto's piano playing, both traditional and prepared, emerged as perhaps some of his most beautifully sparse in recent years, letting the sound of the room and shuffle of chairs take an active roll in the recording. Only the most minimum of essential notes, accentuated by silences and the scraping of the piano's strings, plays alongside Deupree's nuanced passages, created with analogue synthesizers, strings, and found objects."

That said, the album apparently isn't all soft and pretty, since there are said to be noisy and percussive elements in addition to "the warble of old reel-to-reel tape." The droning, 10-minute opener, "Jyaku," is streaming below the tracklist.


1. Jyaku

2. Frozen Fountain
3. Ghost Road
4. This Window
5. Curl to Me (ft. Ichiko Aoba)