Ryuichi Sakamoto "Solari" (Fennesz remix)

Ryuichi Sakamoto 'Solari' (Fennesz remix)
Following remixes from Oneohtrix Point Never and Arca, Ryuichi Sakamoto is continuing his series with another redo of a song from his async album. This time, we get a remix of "Solari" via frequent Sakamoto collaborator Fennesz.

Down below, you can listen to the imaginative remix, which finds Fennesz twisting the async highlight into a disorienting sonic mash of layered textures. At the centre of the chaos, though, still shines the original's striking melody, making it all definitely worth the listen.

The remix is set to appear on an upcoming album called async - remodels.

In some related news, Sakamoto's score to the Korean film Ikari (a.k.a. Rage) will be released through Milan Records on October 27.