Ryan Adams Wishes Modern "Cargo Dad Pants Bands" Were More Like Oasis

Ryan Adams Wishes Modern 'Cargo Dad Pants Bands' Were More Like Oasis
Photo: Stephen McGill
Liam Gallagher isn't the only rock'n'roll star who thinks Oasis never should have broken up. The Britpop heroes and subjects of the new documentary Supersonic have been given some extra support from Ryan Adams.
It's hardly surprising that Adams is a fan of the band — he gifted us his cover of "Wonderwall" on Love Is Hell back in 2004, and just earlier this year, he busted out live renditions of "Morning Glory" and "Supersonic" while on tour with Noel Gallagher.
Now, Adams has taken to Twitter to re-proclaim his love for the band. After watching Supersonic himself, the singer-songwriter is encouraging others to indulge in the band's glory days by going out and watching the film.

Adams recommended watching it "if you need something to remind you what the fuck rocknroll means," before lamenting: "How boring has music become since these roughhouse giants came crawling from nowhere places with their guitars, their souls afire."

He also threw some love (and another dramatic sigh) Oasis's way on Instagram, saying that they "fucking mattered" more than the current crop of "cargo dad pants bands with soulless, bullshit lyrics and about the level of danger you might feel if you mixed hot fries with ginger ale."

Supersonic hits Canadian screens tonight (October 27) for a limited run. Watch a trailer for the movie down below, then relive Adams's take on "Wonderwall" beyond that.