Ryan Adams to Release His Own Comic Books with Accompanying Soundtracks

Ryan Adams to Release His Own Comic Books with Accompanying Soundtracks
Ryan Adams is currently writing music for an upcoming Al Pacino film, and now the ever-busy songwriter has taken on another soundtrack project. This time, he's making music for his own comic books.

Adams was a guest on Marvel's This Week in Marvel podcast this week, and the singer-songwriter revealed that he has been drawing his own comics during downtime on tour. While Adams is usually pre-occupied on days with shows, he is able to be productive on days off.

"Recently, I wanted to use more of my time on tour doing something creative, and I had started this idea of making my own comic books and then putting records in them," he said. "I'm going to draw my own comic books, and then some of these guys I'm in a band with — Daniel Clark, Mike Viola and myself, my friend Charlie Stavish — we have a mobile recording unit on the bus."

Adams continued, "The comics are starting to get halfway to three-quarters of the way done, they're starting to get finished, so I'm going to make soundtracks for them with these guys. Or I'll actually go to Daniel [Clark], or somebody will have a feeling and they'll go, 'Hey, can I do this one?' and I'll be like, 'Absolutely. Can I add some vocals later?' Or maybe not even; maybe Danny will do the whole thing."

Adams has been inking the comics himself and is hoping to meet someone to colour them in with Ben-Day dots. Apparently Adams has a fair amount of confidence in his work, since he said, "I'm gonna get better. And then I'm gonna get great, and then I'm gonna get amazing. That's the way it's gonna go."

That's an image on one of his comics below, and listen to the podcast here.

Meanwhile, Adams has a 7-Eleven-themed single featuring Johnny Depp coming out on January 13.