​Ryan Adams Hints at Release of Long-lost 'Black Hole' Album

​Ryan Adams Hints at Release of Long-lost 'Black Hole' Album
Ryan Adams has always been prolific when it comes to releasing music, but the singer-songwriter also has a few storied albums from the past that have yet to see the light of day. According to recent social media posts, though, it seems fans are one step closer to getting to finally hear Black Hole.
The record was made more than a decade ago, prior to the release of 2007's Easy Tiger, and it was recorded while Adams was still struggling with drug addiction.
Speaking to NPR in 2014, Adams explained that there were two versions of Black Hole sitting on his shelf.
"It was the last record I made when I was on drugs. I say that in a sweet way; I took drugs to stay in the studio longer and to play music, I didn't take drugs to wander down the street or to go sit at a bar," he said. "In that record particularly, it's the finale of that time that met with tracks that happened after. There's a real tempest there."
He performed "The Door" from Black Hole during that same NPR session, and revealed that he had been playing a song called "Catherine" live, which was actually from the same lost record.
After lamenting the current state of the world, Adams took to Instagram yesterday (June 19) to share the cover artwork for Black Hole.
"I get to listen to it," he wrote in the caption. "I hope you can soon too. And so much else."

There's a darkness in the world right now - and I say this knowing what horrible things are happening and how small and insignificant this is to familes being separated, kids being put in prison camps, the EPA allowing companies to dump raw toxins in our water, and unhinged madman creating chaos daily in our country. It's all horrifying. This is just about music. A small but important thing that helps heal and keeps some hope alive for us all. I have the best fans. I want them to be able to hear my songs while I'm here. Released my way. To play them for you live. There's no map. Bob Dylan and @gratefuldead taught me that. I'm trying to come to terms with that. There's something blocking my way. I just want to be who I am. Every artist is different. I make a lot of music. I am wildly in love with writing songs. Not every one should come out. But, there's too much held back. I am not and never will be some huge artist who has to create their career so they can play the next stadium. And if I were I would ONLY get there being who I really am. A song-crazy goofball. It's time to be who I am. Songs are gifts. Music heals. Let it live. Cold Roses was written & recorded in 2 weeks. FYI... Every minute of it in a studio right before it was tracked. I love you, cats. Here's what the cover of Black Hole is. I get to listen to it. I hope you can soon too. And so much else. XO

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As such, Black Hole isn't the only forthcoming project Adams teased. He also hinted that he had two follow-up records to 2017's Prisoner ready to go, as well as live recordings of both his Exile on Main Street performance earlier this year and a recent show at the Capitol Theatre with the Infamous Stringdusters.
Stay tuned for further details on the impending release of Black Hole. We've already waited 10 years, so hopefully it won't be much longer.