Rumble in Rhodos Own Me Like the City

The debut full-length from this Norwegian band tumbles and skitters in between angular no wave and hardcore-tinged punk, ultimately rising to come up and burst into something fiery and punched-up. The first thing that becomes evident in the opening track, "Count Your Footsteps,” is that Rumble in Rhodos are comprised of five guys who just want to rock the fuck out and don’t care whether you like it or not. Own Me Like the City unfolds in parallels of detours and mergers. Inspired by post-punk, new wave, and indie rock, while combining a more abrasive element, Rumble in Rhodos kill any expectations right off the top — it doesn’t take long to realise there’s nothing predictable here. The vocals will fly from untamed and agitated to a tempered tone and pace all in the same breath. The guitars and bass bounce off of each other frenetically while the drums keep a wild pace that sends each song reeling. Songs like "Open Nerves” and "Speed of Dreams” sum up the feelings that come when listening to Rumble in Rhodos, and it’s a feeling that everyone should experience. (Buena Vista)