Rubber Dinosaurs Rebel Without A Porsche / CD EP#1 / CD EP#2

Painstakingly assembled amidst a loss due to mortality and elusive and then some, Eddie Doran's the Rubber Dinosaurs have finally released their long awaited epic Rebel Without A Porsche. In mid- to lo-fi raw psych AM radio handcrafted glory (recorded throughout the years), this album, a sort of tribute to the late great Marc Bolan (aka T-Rex), is a tour de force of squiggly fuzz rocking pop held together by Farfisa organs with a slight alternate universe Elvis/Bolan-like vocal strut. The draw to this band is Doran's ability to flesh out universal themes that really matter and expresses them in an innocent and straightforward manner. Shuffling, saccharine songs like "Leather Jacket," "Highway Patrol," "Lonely Girl" and "Don't You Love Me Baby!" are rock at its finest, lacking cerebral themes and other complications that plague today's music. Instead, they are filled with the simple exoticness that was inherent in the best songs of yesteryear. CD EPs 1 and 2 (of a planned series of 12-14) feature the songs "Psychedelic Chocolate Overdose" and "Sweet Cherry Lips" from the album, but also feature, respectively, two additional tracks that propel the myth of the magic "rock song" along. Fans of the Evaporators and early punk precursors should find the Rubber Dinosaurs to be both a treat and a relief. So good that it's beyond an obscurity; it's "the thing" to seek out! (Independent)