Rub Your Rabbit VIDEO GAME

In reaction to the politically-motivated "hot coffee" uproar over the boot-knocking mini-game found inside Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, the Montreal Games Summit held a Sex in Games Designer's Challenge, awarding the first prize to Lapis, "a magical pet adventure... and stealthy primer on female sexual pleasure." Designed by Ubisoft employee Heather Kelley for the Nintendo DS and its innovative touch-screen, Lapis resembles a virtual pet simulator like Nintendogs. But the way the adorable blue bunny likes to be petted is patterned on how the ladies do — be it tickling, stroking, humming or, um, blowing on their fur. Of course, every bunny likes it a little different, and variety is key, but eventually the aroused rabbit will begin to fly until reaching a sky-high climax with an explosion of fireworks. Though the game is not as dirty as it seems — the autoerotic qualities are purely metaphorical — it's currently a prototype and may never see production, since teaching girls self-gratification could prove too controversial. But maybe Nintendo will jump onboard — after all, it fits nicely with their slogan for the dual-screened handheld: "touching is good." Download the concept demo at