Rroland Reflections On A Past Life As Played on The Roland Synthesiser

I strongly caution anyone against this release, unless they have a strong stomach for obtuse and experimental electronic music. Played entirely on vintage Roland keys, this album is not a standard electro pop record by any stretch of the imagination. Bleeps, buzzes and gurgles ramble on throughout the album, with seemingly no structure or end goal. Perhaps there is a higher purpose for this release in the art community, since art pop guru Momus is behind this project with his American Patchwork label, which aims to focus on music created by these classic synths. A possible art show tie in would help since there isn't much of a linear narrative to this CD to speak of. At times painfully disjointed, it's hard to find much to latch onto here. While I'm definitely sympathetic toward the philosophy of old school electronic music, this album is - although at times fascinating for its efforts - a bit hard to digest overall. (Darla)