Royal Trux Get More of the Reissue Treatment

Royal Trux Get More of the Reissue Treatment
DC noisemakers Royal Trux broke up in 2001, but recent re-releases of the band's early material have meant that fans have been able to keep getting their fix of the duo's wonky, dissonant rock. Following last year's reissues by Drag City, Domino is getting set to put out the band's first four LPs on January 10, which is a Monday, meaning these may be UK-only.

The albums being reissued are: 1988's Royal Trux, 1990's Twin Infinitives, 1992's untitled album (also known as Skulls) and 1993's Cats and Dogs. These will be available on both CD and LP, while last year's Drag City reissues were only released on vinyl.

There won't be any bonus tracks, and you can see the tracklists below. In a post on Domino's website, the label writes, "These reissues are a vital reminder of the incredible and innovative music Royal Trux began their career making, and proof that Royal Trux were indeed the real deal."

In addition to these reissues, Plain Recordings will re-release Royal City's 1995 major label effort, Thank You, on November 23.

Royal Trux:

1. "Bad Blood"
2. "Incineration"
3. "Strawberry Soda"
4. "Hashish"
5. "Sanction Smith"
6. "Zero Dok"
7. "Touch"
8. "Bits and Spurs"
9. "Esso Dame"
10. "Sice I Bones"
11. "Gold Dust"
12. "Jesse James"
13. "Andersonville"
14. "The Set-Up"
15. "Walking Machine"
16. "Hawk'n Around"

Twin Infinitives:

1. "Solid Gold Tooth"
2. "Ice Cream"
3. "Jet Pet"
4. "RTX-USA"
5. "Kool Down Wheels"
6. "Chances are the Comets in Our Future"
7. "Yin Jim Versus The Vomit Creature"
8. "Osiris"
9. "(Edge of the) Ape Oven"
10. "Florida Avenue Theme"
11. "Lick My Boots"
12. "Glitterbust"
13. "Funky Son"
14. "Ratcreeps"
15. "New York Avenue Bridge"

Untitled (Skulls):

1. "Air"

2. "Move"

3. "Hallucination"

4. "Junkie Nurse"

5. "Sometimes"

6. "Lightning Boxer"

7. "Blood Flowers"

8. "Sun on the Run"

Cats and Dogs:

1. "Teeth"

2. "Turn of the Century"

3. "Up the Sleeve"

4. "The Flag"

5. "Hot and Cold Skulls"

6. "Friends"

7. "Tight Pants"

8. "The Spectre"

9. "Skywood Greenback Mantra"

10. "Driving in That Car (with the Eagle on My Hood)"