Royal Canoe Co-Op Mode

The songs on Co-Op Mode have been around since 2006. Frontman Matt Peters (also of the Waking Eyes) had written them with some friends, but decided against releasing them. There was a decision between then and now to get a new band together and release the album. The tracks are a bit goofy, such as funk number "Me Loving Your Money (Gonna See Us Through This)," for that title alone, a song about the super-computer-loving chess champion Gary Kasparov and "Soothsayer" referencing "Daddy's Gonna Buy You a Mocking Bird." Though the album sounds like a fun time, there are clear moments that are better than others, and overall, Co-Op Mode is an album of a new band with old songs. It will be more interesting to see what they come up with for future endeavours. (Head in the Sand)