Roy Killed John Train

Featuring the rhythm section of These Arms are Snakes, Seattle’s Roy ply the same sonic trade of most indie rock kicking around, which is somewhat of a disappointment since some songs here have the capacity to go beyond the norm. Named after a town that, apparently, is home to meth-lab trailers and militia campgrounds, there is a definite anger that imbues these raw statements, but only sometimes does this anger connect. On "So Alive” the urgent beginning is muted, which is great as when the song explodes into its full fury it fulfils the title perfectly. A ferocious hook-laden roar, this song is definitely over way too soon. Another standout would be "Fresh Lies from the Patron Saint of Liars,” which also showcases an uncanny knack for indie rock hooks, as the guitars and strained voice bring out the urgency of Roy’s anger. Of course, the whole problem with Killed John Train is not that it isn’t quality, the problem is that the quality is such that it could probably stand shoulder to shoulder with the rest of the pack. But Roy need to rise above the rest, and unfortunately this album will probably end up another fallen soldier on the battlefield of rock. (Lujo)