Roué Upward Heroic Motive

Roué’s sound is a hard one to pin down. Proclaiming themselves as "space-indie splatter,” it’s no wonder this album sounds so all over the place. "All About Time” kicks things off with new wave vocals provided by Justin Coulter, but the following track, "Rockin’ This Disaster” has Coulter sounding like he’s about to lose his shit at any minute as he screams over a wall of sound. The album takes another turn with "To the Click,” which has a classic ’90s indie rock sound going on between the guitars. Steve Melhman of Pere Ubu and Rocket from the Tombs fame joined up with Roué for this album, which must be a perfect fit for maintaining a smattering of styles. This Cleveland outfit are clearly rooted in the imaginary, preferring to colour outside of the lines and letting their creativity influence their sound instead of other people. This album will take at least a second listen to warm up to, but once the realisation of how well it is put together sets in, it becomes a much more accessible experience. (Exit Stencil)