Roswell Rudd Blown Bone

Part improv scene guardian angel, part musical detective, Emanem’s Martin Davidson has struck creative musical pay dirt by unearthing this valuable 1976 artefact that documents the rambunctious roars of trombonist Roswell Rudd. That Blown Bone’s eight tracks capture Rudd’s exuberance, joy, despair and deep humanity in the company of stellar band-mates Steve Lacy, Paul Motian, Sheila Jordan, Wilber Little, Kenny Davern and Enrico Rava adds extra value to this almost-lost recording, which was originally released on Phillips in Japan only. The festivities start with Rudd’s irrepressibly upbeat "It’s Happening,” featuring full-throated blasts from Roswell, oblique blats from Rava and a riveting solo from Lacy that encapsulates many of the soprano sax master’s strategies in one multi-dimensional dissertation. "Blues for the Planet Earth” and "You Blew It” capture healing vibrations from the sonic shaman of the Catskills that predate the environmental movement and feature sophisticated vocals from Jordan. A self-admitted nature worshipper, Rudd takes a baleful look at humanity’s survival prospects in "Long Hope,” which includes an achingly beautiful alto solo from the criminally under-recorded Robin Kenyatta. "Bethesda Fountain” features a strong arrangement that echoes Ellington, especially with Davern’s Hamilton-esque clarinet cadenzas. Highly recommended. (Emanem)